4704 PiTracer

  • 47 Laboratory 4704 PiTracer CD transport
    by Jonathan Scull (Stereophile)
  • 47 Laboratory Model 4704 PiTracer CD Transport
    by Marc Mickelson (SoundStage.com)
  • 47 Laboratory 4704 PiTracer CD Transport and 4705-G Gemini Progression DAC
    by Constantine Soo (DAGOGO.com)

  • System Review
  • The 47 Laboratory System
    by Blair Roger (Audiophilia.com)
  • 47 Laboratory's System in Review
    by Steve Rochlin (EnjoyTheMusic.com)
  • The minimalist alternative
    by Peter Russell (HiFi+)
  • The 47 Laboratory Phono Playback System
    by Paul Szabady (Stereotimes.com)
  • Flatfish-Progression-Gaincard
    by Wes Phillips (Onhifi.com)

  • 47 Laboratory Shigaraki system & Konus Audio Essence speakers by Srajan Ebaen (6moons.com)
  • part l:Shigaraki transport & DAC
  • prrt ll:Shigaraki amplifier
  • prrt lll:The Complete System

  • 47 Laboratory Shigaraki Model 4715 Digital-to-Analog Converter and Shigaraki Model 4716 CD Transport
    by Aaron Weiss (SoundStage.com)
  • MC Bee Cartridge and Shigaraki Phonostage
    by Jeff Day (6moons. com)     

  • 4706 Gaincard
  • The Days-of-47
    by Herb Reichert (Listener)
  • Can Dr. Gizmo accept GAINCARD?
    by Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg
  • Everything You Know Is Wrong or I Was Fooled by Mainstream Audio Gurus
    by Steven R. Rochlin (EnjoyTheMusic.com)
  • 47Laboratory 4706 Gaincard
    by Peter Breuninger (Listener)
  • The 47 Laboratory 4706 Gaincard amplifier
    by David W. Robinson (Positive Feedback)
  • The 47 Laboratory 4706 Gaincard S Dual Mono Integrated amplifier   
    by Constantine Soo (DAGOGO.com)
  • 47 Laboratory 4706 Gaincard   
    by Srajan Ebaen (6moons.com)
  • 47 Laboratory 4706 Gaincard/Omega Minuet   
    by Sandy Greene (DAGOGO.com)
  • 47 Laboratory 50W Gaincard Amplifier   
    by Larry Cox, Steve Lefkowicz, and Francisco Duran (Audio Musings/Positive Feedback)

  • 4713 Flatfish/4705 Progression
  • Musical Fish
    by Herb Reichert (Listener)
  • Simply Musical
    by Dayna B (Ultimate Audio)
  • Flatfish-Progression
    by Ken Micaleff (Soundstage.com)
  • Flatfish-Progression (Commentary)
    by Constantine Soo (DAGOGO.com)
  • Flatfish-Progression (Review)
    by Constantine Soo (DAGOGO.com)
  • Flatfish CD Player and Progression DAC
    by Francisco Duran, Dave Clark, Larry Fisher,and Larry Cox (Audio Musings/Positive Feedback)

  • 4712 Phonocube
  • Hall of Fame
    by Milan Rupic (WAM)

  • 4708 OTA Cable Kit
  • 47 Laboratory Cable Kit
    by Jeff Day (6moons.com)     

  • MIYABI/47
  • That Darn Cartridge
    by Art Dudley (Listenser)
  • An Analog Junkie Comes Clean
    by Miles B. Astor (Ultimate Audio)
  • Going from a Yugo to a Ferrari
    by Rufus Smith (EnjoyThe Music.com)
  • Miyabi/47
    by Jeff Day (6moons.com)     

  • MIYABI/4Standard
  • Miyabi/Standard
    by Jeff Day (6moons.com)     

  • 4715 Shigaraki DAC
  • Alpha-Status Converter
    by Arsen Katic (WAM)
  • The Little Box    
    by Art Dudley (Listener)
  • Music Lover's System    
    by Jeff Day (6moons)"NEW"

  • 4718 Shigaraki Phono
  • 47 Laboratory's Model 4718 Shigaraki Phonostage
    by Dick Olsher (Enjoy The Music. com)

  • MC Bee
  • 47 Laboratory MC Bee Phono Cartridge
    by Josef Kennedy (HiFi Choice)     

  • Konus Audio "Essence" Loudspeaker
  • The Konus Audio Essence Loudspeakers
    by Herb Reichert (Enjoy The Music.com)

  • Kore-eda Amplifiers
  • Kore-eda PLA-1 and LLA-1
    by Jack Roberts (DAGOGO.com)"NEW"
  • Mac Hagerman Kore-Eda Audio Note Review
    by Sandy Greene (SonicFlare.com)"NEW"