"I never realised a CD could come this close to analog"

Dana B.
Ultimate Audio


  • Digital output : 2 Coaxial (RCA) outputs
  • Dimensions : Model 4713 170(w)x60(h)x245(d)m/m                     Model 4799 130(dia.)x195(d)m/m
  • Full-hard-suspention system

    The platform/casing of Flatfish is a 2/3 inch thick, machined aluminum board. All the driving mechanisms, pick-up mechanisms and the circuits are directly mounted on this one piece of aluminum board.
    The huge difference between the mass of the mechanisms and that of the platform (150g against 1200g) enables to cut off the vibrations caused by the slight off-centering of the disks and the tracing mechanisms returning to the bit-tracing lens itself, allowing us to minimize the amount of servo control dramatically.
    This rigid and compact structure of the platform has a very small surface area to receive the vibrations, and its large mass helps to reduce the vibrations smoothly and effectively without any extra damping or suspensions.
    As a result, storage of vibration energy was minimized, letting us achieve a refreshingly quick transient response. Compared to the conventional box-type chassis/casings, this platform is almost completely free from any stress of construction. Now, you can hear how much harmony and bottom-end information was obscured under those mechanical stresses.

  • An extremely simple digital output circuitry to release the digital signals from any stress

  • Model 4799 Power Dumpty, a capable 120VA power supply

    One Power Dumpty can power up both Flatfish and Progression DAC at the same time.

Sotatsu Tawaraya
Hiniki Screen
gold-leaf, pigments on paper
96.0 x 223.8 cm
early 17th century

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